My Top Picks of Handmade Etsy and Artfire Items.

Top 10 Felt Fashion Accessories September 7, 2008

This is a broad range of felted fashion accessories including pendants, pocketbooks, hair clips, belts, scarves, shoes, and even a cellphone case. In the near future I will feature a generalized jewelry category which will no doubt have one or two felted items in it, or I may down the road do an all felt jewelry posting. If anyone has suggestions as to what items to feature, just send me a comment. I pre-approve comments before they are published so if you have suggestions I will take those suggestions and make a Top 10 of your suggested items, but the actual comment will not be published. Also if you would like me to add your blog or website (arts and crafts related) just send me a comment as well and I will add it. But any comment that contains any sort of advertising will not be published. Only comments concerning the featured items in a post will be published.

So onto the Top 10!

Okay so once again I couldn’t just pick 10! So here’s the Top 14.

I decided to include this glasses/cellphone holder into the fashion accessory category because well it doesn’t really fit anywhere else and you could carry it around with you not hidden inside of a pocketbook so that everyone could see the beautifully designed piece. This was embellished with yarn and beads.

This was created using rolled felt strips. I love the movement that the strips create in this piece. And I love the use of black in combination with the bright colors. These brooches have a very unique style.

I have admired this artist’s embroidered felt cuff bracelets for awhile now. All her bracelets are equally as beautiful as this one. They all look very professionally made and have beautiful embroidered designs with beautiful color combinations.

The felted part of this item is very simple, just a simple needle felted ball. But again I wanted to include it to show the different ways of using felt and the different ways of embellishing it. And this piece is not short on embellishments! Beads and embroidered designs give this piece a fun, festive look. And there are endless color combinations that can be created.

This was done in a very unique way that I have not seen done before. Wool rovings were weaved together and then wet felted to make the piece strong. She then attached the belt fastener.  With every color of the rainbow in this piece, it is sure to make a statement.

This pocketbook was made by stitching cut pieces of felt to a felted background. I love the color combination that is used and I love the overall design ofthe piece. It is a pocketbook that makes a real fashion statement.

Here is another pocketbook created in using a different method. This item was knit and then wet felted. I will probably have another one like this featured in my knit posting but I wanted to include one here to show the different techniques that can be used when creating felted accessories. Here again I love the color combination (of course because it has my favorite color, teal, in it) I like how the felting process gave the colors a very soft look.

This is a very unique felt necklace. The pieces of felt are cut out and strung to a string of seed beads as if the felt cutouts are beads themselves. The overlaying of colored felts and the embroidered edging over each piece creates interest and here again I love the color combination, it is probably my favorite color combination of all.

I will admit, most felt hair clips or hairclips in general usually do not appeal to me. But this one I think has a very elegant look to it. I could see someone even wearing this on their wedding day as their “something blue”. The added pearl beads help give it that elegant look.

These baby shoes are just adorable.  They are very well designed and seem to be very professionally made. I love the added touches of the strawberries and flowers. If I had a baby, my favorite baby fashion accessory to dress her (or him) in would be shoes! Lots and lots of cute little baby shoes!

I am usually not one for fall colors or a fall themed accessory but this scar is amazing. The colors and the flowers (she calls them flowers but they take on a leaf resemblance I think) just scream fall. And in front of that brown shirt, the scarf really pops out at you and makes a real fashion statement.

Here again I had a different headband¬† of this artist’s picked out to feature but it was sold before I got the chance to right about it. These headbands sale like hotcakes and for good reason! Her designs are beautiful as are her choices in color combinations. She also offers custom color combinations.

What a fashion statement! Just beautiful!

I originally planned on featuring a different one of these lariat/necklaces but it was sold before I even had a chance to right about it! That is how hot of an item these are and how gorgeous of a fashion statement these make! Her ability to make a felted flower look very realistic is amazing!