My Top Picks of Handmade Etsy and Artfire Items.

15 Days of Halloween! October 13, 2009

I will be creating 15 lists of Halloween items, one separate daily list created from Etsy and Artfire items. There will be a poll for each of these lists for readers to chose their favorite item on the list. The 15th list will come on Halloween day. This list will be comprised of the Top 10 items from each day’s poll results….so 4 items will not make the final cut!

Here is the topics for the lists:

Day1 (Oct. 13): Bats
Day2 (Oct. 14): Black Cats
Day3 (Oct. 15): Candy
Day4 (Oct. 16): Costumes
Day5 (Oct. 17): Costume Jewelry and Accessories
Day6 (Oct. 18): Creatures,Goblins, Monsters, Zombies
Day7 (Oct. 19): Ghosts
Day8 (Oct. 20): Graveyard
Day9 (Oct. 21): Haunted Houses
Day10 (Oct. 22): Pumpkins
Day11 (Oct. 23): Skeletal Bones
Day12 (Oct. 24): Spiders
Day13 (Oct. 25): Vampires
Day14 (Oct. 26): Witches

Day15: (Oct. 31): Halloween Top 10!!!