My Top Picks of Handmade Etsy and Artfire Items.

15 Days of Halloween! October 13, 2009

I will be creating 15 lists of Halloween items, one separate daily list created from Etsy and Artfire items. There will be a poll for each of these lists for readers to chose their favorite item on the list. The 15th list will come on Halloween day. This list will be comprised of the Top 10 items from each day’s poll results….so 4 items will not make the final cut!

Here is the topics for the lists:

Day1 (Oct. 13): Bats
Day2 (Oct. 14): Black Cats
Day3 (Oct. 15): Candy
Day4 (Oct. 16): Costumes
Day5 (Oct. 17): Costume Jewelry and Accessories
Day6 (Oct. 18): Creatures,Goblins, Monsters, Zombies
Day7 (Oct. 19): Ghosts
Day8 (Oct. 20): Graveyard
Day9 (Oct. 21): Haunted Houses
Day10 (Oct. 22): Pumpkins
Day11 (Oct. 23): Skeletal Bones
Day12 (Oct. 24): Spiders
Day13 (Oct. 25): Vampires
Day14 (Oct. 26): Witches

Day15: (Oct. 31): Halloween Top 10!!!


Etsy Top 10 Needle Felt Miniatures October 19, 2008

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SPECIAL Etsy Halloween Top 20!! October 17, 2008


New approach to Top Ten Lists

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I have been slacking on writing up new Top 10 lists and so I have decided that I am going to start posting the Top 10 lists in pictures only, no comments from me about what I like about each one. I am simply going to let the pictures speak for themselves….which if they truly are the Top 10 then they WILL speak for themselves. I think this will help me be able to post more Top 10 lists on a more constant basis.


Top 10 Felt Fashion Accessories September 7, 2008

This is a broad range of felted fashion accessories including pendants, pocketbooks, hair clips, belts, scarves, shoes, and even a cellphone case. In the near future I will feature a generalized jewelry category which will no doubt have one or two felted items in it, or I may down the road do an all felt jewelry posting. If anyone has suggestions as to what items to feature, just send me a comment. I pre-approve comments before they are published so if you have suggestions I will take those suggestions and make a Top 10 of your suggested items, but the actual comment will not be published. Also if you would like me to add your blog or website (arts and crafts related) just send me a comment as well and I will add it. But any comment that contains any sort of advertising will not be published. Only comments concerning the featured items in a post will be published.

So onto the Top 10!

Okay so once again I couldn’t just pick 10! So here’s the Top 14.

I decided to include this glasses/cellphone holder into the fashion accessory category because well it doesn’t really fit anywhere else and you could carry it around with you not hidden inside of a pocketbook so that everyone could see the beautifully designed piece. This was embellished with yarn and beads.

This was created using rolled felt strips. I love the movement that the strips create in this piece. And I love the use of black in combination with the bright colors. These brooches have a very unique style.

I have admired this artist’s embroidered felt cuff bracelets for awhile now. All her bracelets are equally as beautiful as this one. They all look very professionally made and have beautiful embroidered designs with beautiful color combinations.

The felted part of this item is very simple, just a simple needle felted ball. But again I wanted to include it to show the different ways of using felt and the different ways of embellishing it. And this piece is not short on embellishments! Beads and embroidered designs give this piece a fun, festive look. And there are endless color combinations that can be created.

This was done in a very unique way that I have not seen done before. Wool rovings were weaved together and then wet felted to make the piece strong. She then attached the belt fastener.  With every color of the rainbow in this piece, it is sure to make a statement.

This pocketbook was made by stitching cut pieces of felt to a felted background. I love the color combination that is used and I love the overall design ofthe piece. It is a pocketbook that makes a real fashion statement.

Here is another pocketbook created in using a different method. This item was knit and then wet felted. I will probably have another one like this featured in my knit posting but I wanted to include one here to show the different techniques that can be used when creating felted accessories. Here again I love the color combination (of course because it has my favorite color, teal, in it) I like how the felting process gave the colors a very soft look.

This is a very unique felt necklace. The pieces of felt are cut out and strung to a string of seed beads as if the felt cutouts are beads themselves. The overlaying of colored felts and the embroidered edging over each piece creates interest and here again I love the color combination, it is probably my favorite color combination of all.

I will admit, most felt hair clips or hairclips in general usually do not appeal to me. But this one I think has a very elegant look to it. I could see someone even wearing this on their wedding day as their “something blue”. The added pearl beads help give it that elegant look.

These baby shoes are just adorable.  They are very well designed and seem to be very professionally made. I love the added touches of the strawberries and flowers. If I had a baby, my favorite baby fashion accessory to dress her (or him) in would be shoes! Lots and lots of cute little baby shoes!

I am usually not one for fall colors or a fall themed accessory but this scar is amazing. The colors and the flowers (she calls them flowers but they take on a leaf resemblance I think) just scream fall. And in front of that brown shirt, the scarf really pops out at you and makes a real fashion statement.

Here again I had a different headband  of this artist’s picked out to feature but it was sold before I got the chance to right about it. These headbands sale like hotcakes and for good reason! Her designs are beautiful as are her choices in color combinations. She also offers custom color combinations.

What a fashion statement! Just beautiful!

I originally planned on featuring a different one of these lariat/necklaces but it was sold before I even had a chance to right about it! That is how hot of an item these are and how gorgeous of a fashion statement these make! Her ability to make a felted flower look very realistic is amazing!


Top 10 Felted Items on Etsy

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the posts. Throughout the day today I am going to publish 3 posts and finish up the felting category. The first post (this one) contains felted housewares/home decor items. The second post will be of felted fashion accessories and the third will be needle felt miniatures.

Okay well maybe I’ll do a Top 12 this time because I can’t choose! There are so many different kinds of items included in the category of housewares/home decor!

This I believe is done by wet felting. I love the color combination and I love that it is not in a simple common bowl shape. The added balls were a nice touch and placing more than one side by side gives an interesting overhead look.

This is a creative use of felt the way shapes have been cut out of the felt allowing the green fabric to show through. It is a very fun piece to have around the house.

Another fun yet simple piece. This was created using cut sheets of felt sewn together in circular shapes and strung on ribbon. These circles could have an endless choice of color combinations.

This is a very cute baby mobile. I like how they are different on each side: different colors and/or different facial expressions. Here again these were done with cut felt sheets, sewn together and strung.

Although this piece consists mainly of non- needle felted pieces I just think it is an absolutely cute home decor item and so I had to include it. This shows that there are endless possibilities when using felt to create craft items and that there are endless other materials that can be used in conjunction with felt to make a very unique (and cute) item. I love the use of wire with felt items. I love the color combinations in this piece. And I love the country feel that it brings without having an overly country look to it.

I love this idea! It is just as beautiful as a real fish tank and with no maintenance! It also gives the artist many choices in color and fish type combinations.

I think this pillow is arsty, fun, and beautiful! She made a piece of cream felt, then (I believe) wet felted the design onto it. Then she sewed the picture onto a blue fabric piece, stuffed and sewed it together. The way the picture is framed in a red outline and then framed in blue gives great contrast to the piece and helps the picture really make a statement in a room.

Speaking of making a statement, these placemats sure would make a statement on a kitchen table! Very vibrant colors,  in an unpredictable “pattern” meaning each placemat would vary slightly from one another. It also has some added embroidery stitches to give texture and create more interest.

This is an interesting pillow and right up my alley as far as my art style. I like bright colors in combination with black, especially when the bright colors are outlined in black which is what we have here with the felt pieces sewn onto a black background using black thread. I also like how she changed it up a bit in some areas and used a patterned felt.  And like this artist, I too like the style of molas (look them up!) They are a source of art inspiration for me as well. She did a great job recreating the mola look.

This is a wet felted round table runner. I can’t imagine the time it would take to make all those dots! The result is very beautiful with great color combinations and she also makes these in custom color combinations.

This was done by first crocheting a bowl shape and then felting it. I wanted to save the items that have been crocheted for my crochet post later on,but the needle felted design on this one really stands out from the crocheted background so I included it here. I love how the needle felted areas seem to pop from the background with the help of a black border around the shapes. I love the color combination in this one. I love teal!

This is one of those “WOW, just wow” pieces. What’s more to say? It seems to be very professionally done, and I want this!


Top 10 Needle Felted Soft Sculptures on Etsy September 2, 2008

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I have decided that for the next few weeks I am going to feature a different form of art/crafts each day or so and post a sort of Etsy Top 10 list for each of the different types. Each of the 10 featured items will be made by 10 different artists/craftsmen. I will provide a link to each artisans/craftsman’s shop and a brief word about what I love about each item I have selected to be in the Top 10. This week’s Top 10 List includes Needle Felted Items, specifically Needle Felt SCULPTURES. I think tomorrow I will continue on with the Needle Felt topic and focus on Flat Feltings.
I fell in love with this piece mainly because it resembles the kind of needle felt dolls that I have been making lately. Very simple form, with a full skirt going to her feet
(a perfect solution to someone who doesn’t like or can’t very well make needle felted legs and feet…like myself. This strategy also provides standing stability of the doll compared to the instability that lightweight wobbly legs would provide. Now lets talk about the gorgeous colors and patterns on her dress! I love the idea of creating a pattern on a needle felted doll’s dress or other clothing. It allows each character to really become an individual piece, even if the main structure of all the dolls is the same.

This is another example of the simple form doll that I fell in love with. Again skirt down to her feet, eliminating the need to create legs or feet. This artist puts her dolls on a sturdy base although I doubt it really needs it in order to stand with enough stability. I guess it all depends on how lightweight the doll is. I have found that if you use a core wool inside or a coarser wool throughout, say corriedale instead of a softer merino, then the structure seems to have a little more weight to it. Also notice how this doll has facial features while the doll above has none. I generally prefer dolls with facial features, however notice how the featureless face helps bring attention to the colors and details in the dress, whereas the other doll’s dress is plain and simple therefore drawing your eye towards the face.
I love her elongated limbs and facel. They help give the doll its unique character. I like the use of accessories such as the dragonfly, and the beadwork on the clothes. I also love the color combination. And at almost 20 inches tall…WOW!

I love all the accessories that come along with this bear. Many needlefelted bears out there right now are JUST the bear, a simple little bear. But this bear is holding a cake, wearing a party hat, wearing clothing, and sitting on a felted base! Not to mention the added details such as beads and embrodiery. Not only do the cake and party hat shout “festive” but the color combination does as well. The colors reallly help to make it a fun piece.
This may just be my favorite needle felted item on Etsy right now, even though it is quite a simple piece. Its colors are fun as are its added accessories. It has the same “festive” qualities as the bear above. I love the idea of using wire in some way in needlefelted items. I have a feeling wire will eventually work its way into my needle felt creations! I love how she takes the qualities of a real animal and turns it into a simplestic cartoonish version of the real version. The way she divides up the colors on the different parts of the bird and the stripes on the accessories allow her to create several different birds of this type and have them all come out looking very unique in character.

Okay so I have to say what drew me to this particular item was that I love frogs! And with the mixture of colors for its “skin”, it gives off a very artsy feel. And I of course love art! So I love this piece! Its definitely different than the other common needlefelted frogs I have seen out there. Again though, I love frogs so there is probably not a needlefelted frog out there that I would not like!
Such creativity! I absolutely LOVE the stone tummy patch idea! I had been trying to come up with a creative tummy patch for my bears and I came upon this bear. I thought it was absolute genius!…and really wish I had thought of the idea first HAHA.

Wow! Very nicely “sculpted” and detailed. It really resembles a real violin! It is also creative in that you hardly ever see a needlefelted representation of an inanimate object, mainly you see representations of animals or people.
Wow. Just WOW!