My Top Picks of Handmade Etsy and Artfire Items.

Top 10 Felted Items on Etsy September 7, 2008

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the posts. Throughout the day today I am going to publish 3 posts and finish up the felting category. The first post (this one) contains felted housewares/home decor items. The second post will be of felted fashion accessories and the third will be needle felt miniatures.

Okay well maybe I’ll do a Top 12 this time because I can’t choose! There are so many different kinds of items included in the category of housewares/home decor!

This I believe is done by wet felting. I love the color combination and I love that it is not in a simple common bowl shape. The added balls were a nice touch and placing more than one side by side gives an interesting overhead look.

This is a creative use of felt the way shapes have been cut out of the felt allowing the green fabric to show through. It is a very fun piece to have around the house.

Another fun yet simple piece. This was created using cut sheets of felt sewn together in circular shapes and strung on ribbon. These circles could have an endless choice of color combinations.

This is a very cute baby mobile. I like how they are different on each side: different colors and/or different facial expressions. Here again these were done with cut felt sheets, sewn together and strung.

Although this piece consists mainly of non- needle felted pieces I just think it is an absolutely cute home decor item and so I had to include it. This shows that there are endless possibilities when using felt to create craft items and that there are endless other materials that can be used in conjunction with felt to make a very unique (and cute) item. I love the use of wire with felt items. I love the color combinations in this piece. And I love the country feel that it brings without having an overly country look to it.

I love this idea! It is just as beautiful as a real fish tank and with no maintenance! It also gives the artist many choices in color and fish type combinations.

I think this pillow is arsty, fun, and beautiful! She made a piece of cream felt, then (I believe) wet felted the design onto it. Then she sewed the picture onto a blue fabric piece, stuffed and sewed it together. The way the picture is framed in a red outline and then framed in blue gives great contrast to the piece and helps the picture really make a statement in a room.

Speaking of making a statement, these placemats sure would make a statement on a kitchen table! Very vibrant colors,  in an unpredictable “pattern” meaning each placemat would vary slightly from one another. It also has some added embroidery stitches to give texture and create more interest.

This is an interesting pillow and right up my alley as far as my art style. I like bright colors in combination with black, especially when the bright colors are outlined in black which is what we have here with the felt pieces sewn onto a black background using black thread. I also like how she changed it up a bit in some areas and used a patterned felt.  And like this artist, I too like the style of molas (look them up!) They are a source of art inspiration for me as well. She did a great job recreating the mola look.

This is a wet felted round table runner. I can’t imagine the time it would take to make all those dots! The result is very beautiful with great color combinations and she also makes these in custom color combinations.

This was done by first crocheting a bowl shape and then felting it. I wanted to save the items that have been crocheted for my crochet post later on,but the needle felted design on this one really stands out from the crocheted background so I included it here. I love how the needle felted areas seem to pop from the background with the help of a black border around the shapes. I love the color combination in this one. I love teal!

This is one of those “WOW, just wow” pieces. What’s more to say? It seems to be very professionally done, and I want this!